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Digitalization expertise, services, and ​products with deep knowledge of the ​Real Estate sector.

MISSION: To help companies, especially those in the real estate ​industry, streamline their workflow and speed up their growth.

VISION: To be the ultimate partner for real estate entrepreneurs ​moving towards digitization. We aim to lead the way in this ​transformational journey.


Our wide range of digitization services goes beyond mere technological procedures; we have a deep understanding of the digital transformation process and can address all aspects of your organization.


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Facilitating successful digital transformation within your organization and projects.

Product Development

Project Manager Using Agile Software

Strive to create innovative solutions by utilizing our deep domain knowledge and clever strategies to maximize efficiency!


Research and plan concept

Gaining fresh insights that can drive a region, organization, or project to greater success.

Data-driven organizations are 23x more likely to acquire new customers, have a 6x higher probability of retaining existing customers, and are 19x more likely to be profitable.”


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Increase your sales ​and profits

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Improve the quality ​of your work


Contribute to a better ​environment

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Make longer lasting ​relations

Company's digitalization strategy and roadmap

  • Linking WHY, WHAT, and HOW together
  • Detailed process mapping
  • Developing a digitalization roadmap
  • Evaluating the impact of digitization and automation investments

Business Process Development and Digitization

  • Identifying and analyzing bottlenecks and issues within the company's business processes.
  • Describing and analyzing the impact of necessary IT solutions and other investments to improve process efficiency.

Better Information Management (BIM)

for Real Estate - with deep domain expertise

  • Enhancing digitalization throughout the value and supply chain.
  • Incorporating global information management best practices, such as BIM, classification systems, and digital twins.

Recent projects

Recent external projects we've worked on include:

Estonian Railways Ltd

February 2024

AI in Project Management Workshop

We conducted a three-hour workshop for 40 project and organization management personnel involved in railroad-related projects. The workshop focused on incorporating AI into their workflows, including real estate development use-cases.

NJORD Advokaadibüroo OÜ

January 2024 -

Strategic Digitalization and Product Management Consultancy

This agreement involves collaborating on the development of next-generation services and creating supporting IT solutions to improve both external and internal efficiency. The consultancy services also include the implementation of Notion.

Tallinn University of Technology

January 2024 -

The university campus's Digital Twin project is currently underway. As the head of real estate business technology, the initiative involves spearheading the digitalization efforts of the real estate department. It also entails crafting BIM requirements, including those aligned with ISO 19650 and CCI-EE standards, which will be used throughout the asset management phase – a pioneering endeavor in Estonia.

Estonian Construction Centre

September-December 2023

Estonian construction information centre requested our services to conduct workshops and lectures on information management in the construction value and supply chain. In addition to this, we developed an online workshop tool for the benefit of both the lecturers and the participants.

The ministry has asked us to investigate the BIM requirements (YBN) of public sector clients in Estonia, with the goal of incorporating the CCI-EE classification system.

Estonian Ministry of Climate

July-September 2023

Sound Products

July 2023

Custom made Project Management tool for Speciality contractor

A company in Kansas that offers audio-video and security services required a tailor-made solution to manage their 20 simultaneous restaurant projects.

Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, 2023 -

To better engage and communicate with cluster participants, the place for the latest news, events, workshops, and even information materials and ready-made solutions.

Hendrik Park


Digitalization expert,

civil engineer,


Responsible expert

  • Skilled in business technology architecture, business ​analysis, and product management, with an MSc from ​TalTech.

  • Additional MSc in Civil Engineering, specialising in ​construction management.

  • 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, with ​hands-on experience throughout the value chain, from ​project design to construction and real estate management.

  • 5 years of experience in digitalisation services including ​PropTech solutions.
ISO 19650 certification
Autodesk Revit certification
Autodesk AEC Building for Technical


Estonian Digital Construction Cluster

Community ​and research

NJORD Law Firm

Legal ​innovation


Construction budgeting ​and subcontractors


Property ​Management


We have developed a variety of solutions customized to improve your business's value.

A tailored platform designed to boost the efficiency of real estate professionals by leveraging industry-specific expertise.

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Community platform providing resources on Better Information Management (BIM).

A bidding platform that enhances connectivity among participants in the construction supply chain.

A customizable platform that integrates your daily work applications into a single space. It serves as the all-in-one workspace for both you and your team.

Not only do we hold various certifications from Notion, but we also possess over three years of valuable experience in business architecture and product management. Additionally, we are proud partners of Notion's platform, offering our flagship product BRINOTION tailored for the real estate sector.


Maia Sokk

Estonian Railways Ltd,

Head of Investments Department

“Hendrik Park is an AI/Artificial ​Intelligence trainer I highly recommend ​to others. His approach is systematic, ​the topics are handled clearly and ​engagingly, and his work is well-​documented and practical. Thank you!"


Cindy Stokes

Homebuilder, USA

BRINOTION - “This is fantastic! This is ​absolutely exactly what I needed. This ​will make the process sooo much ​easier. This is a bargain. Thank you!”

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Digitalization expert,

civil engineer,


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